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Big Ideas Can Change the World

TEDxPearlStreet is a globally-minded community based in Washington, DC, and we welcome people from every discipline and culture who seek a deeper understanding of the world. We are grateful for the opportunity to support the spread of educational content, and promote deep discussion and action during these important times.


Join us and enjoy inspiring speakers and performers (chosen from thousands of applicants) sharing world-changing ideas that are shifting society in the right direction.


TEDxPearlStreet creates immersive experiences that extend inspiration beyond the stage. Dive deeper into big ideas at the technology lounge or at the connection cafe.


TEDxPearlStreet is rooted in Washington, DC, but extends across the globe through our online community. Our annual conferences bring together thousands of curious minds.


We are a non-profit organization that showcases some of Washington DC's leading thinkers to accelerate big ideas and the community impact that follows. 

Invest in the power
of big ideas.

Our mission is to showcase leading thinkers and doers, and to spread big ideas as an avenue to promote education, dialogue, and civic engagement in our communities.  


By the end of 2023, more than 50,000 individuals have attended our in-person and livestream events, 100 speakers and performers have will have taken our stage, and our talks will have been viewed more than 10 million times online. 

We believe it is critical to spread big ideas that are free and unrestrcited to everyone around the world, and based on the most pressing and critical issues facing our planet. Our core belief is that ideas have the power to shape the world and that TEDxPearlStreet serves as a powerful catalyst for this change. 

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"The Pitch partners with TEDxPearlStreet because they provide a creative link to new ideas and big thinkers, while also connecting our organization to their dynamic community and an engaged audience. They constantly strive to expand their reach and to measure the impact of the ideas shared on the stages at their events.” 

The Pitch, Center Manager

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TEDxPearlStreet Talks
Hundreds of talks to stir your curiosity.