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Amy Kalokerinos


Amy Kalokerinos or “AK-47,” as nicknamed by her startups, is the founder and chief operator of AKalaid, an on-demand operational arm leveraged by startups, VC's, and corporate brands. Being placed at the intersection of all three, AKalaid's new business model eliminates the bias created when investment money or implementation services are at the center of making operational decisions for startups, VCs and Fortune 500 companies

Amy’s expertise is in growth. Working with then-startups such as Slack, Github, Pinterest, Lyft, and Airbnb while also briefing over 200 brands such as Disney, American Express, and the United Nations has given Amy a unique view of the market.

Prior to AKalaid, Amy was recruited by the $12B dollar venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz to build out their market development program in the US and Europe.  Starting her career on Wall Street selling software for IBM and Salesforce, before pivoting to building the global strategic alliance program for DigitasLBi has prepared her to be the growth operator she is today. 

She is passionate about assisting underrepresented founders by teaching classes, helping startups pro-bono, and creating a safe AMA community. She is most proud of her talk at Grace Hopper teaching tools to mitigate gender bias in the workplace and most recently helping to launch a startup mitigating COVID infections across the US.

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