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TEDxPearlStreet is coming
November 01-02, 2023

TEDxPearlStreet will feature some of the brightest minds in Washington, DC. This year's event will be nothing short of extraordinary, with interactive exhibits, inspiring presentations, energizing performances and networking with a community of creatives and thought-leaders. Enter your information to be the first to get the special pre-sale link. You’ll receive the largest discount offered by signing up today!

2. The Anthem - Fully Seated (Mid-Show) Photo by John Shore.jpg

Help us spread the
world’s greatest ideas!

Our volunteers say that the TEDxPearlStreet team is like a family, with everyone working towards a common goal. Each person is involved in a task that they are passionate about, and together they achieve something special - bringing ideas to an eager audience. Help us spread the world's greatest ideas and become a TEDx volunteer!

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