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Dr. Chung Hyuk Park


Dr. Chung Hyuk Park is an Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering at the George Washington University. His interests include Interactive Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning. His goal as a roboticist is to design intelligent robotic systems that can assist people (with disabilities, in rehabilitation, and with emotional and social interactions, etc.) for the well-being of human society.
Dr. Park directs the Assistive Robotics and Tele-Medicine (ART-Med) laboratory at George Washington University where his research focuses on collaborative innovation between human intelligence and robotic technology, integrating machine learning, computer vision, haptics and telepresence robotics. His current research projects are categorized into three topics: 1) Multi-modal human-robot interaction and robotic assistance for individuals with disabilities or special needs, 2) Robotic learning and humanized intelligence, and 3) Tele-medical robotic assistance and communication. His project related to autism research features developing an interactive robotic framework for providing personalized interaction scheme with children with ASD through social and emotional interaction using music- and gesture-based robotic agents, where he is trying to provide larger bandwidth of interaction modality in behavioral and social learning of children with ASD.
Dr. Park also collaborates with diverse researchers from neuroscience, psychology, and special education in multi-disciplinary projects that utilize highly interactive robotic systems to prime the neural-circuit-level mechanisms that support responsiveness to behavior-based therapies for social communication interventions.
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