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Halim Flowers


Halim A. Flowers was arrested at the age of 16 and sentenced as an adult to two life sentences in Washington, DC. His experiences as a child in the adult prison system was filmed in the Emmy award winning documentary ‘Thug Life In DC’. In 2005, he started his own publishing company SATO Communications, through which he published 11 books. 
On March 21, 2019, after serving 22 years behind bars, Halim was released back into society. Since his release, he has worked with Kim Kardashian for her documentary “The Justice Project”, delivered a spoken word performance with Kanye West at his famous Sunday Service, received the Halcyon Arts Lab and Echoing Green fellowships, and spoken on various  panels and conferences about the impact of the arts and entrepreneurship to correct our criminal injustice system. He is currently launching his first fashion line which will is based on a digital graphic novel and animated series that he created.
Today Halim uses his writings, motivational speeches, and fitness routines to inspire people towards revolutionary love.
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