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Maggie O'Neill


Maggie O’Neill, artist, designer and creative entrepreneur is based in Washington, D.C.  Co-founder of SWATCHROOM, a design firm specializing in hospitality, Maggie and her team have designed prominent commercial spaces and private residences throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. These inspired spaces include more than 50 restaurants and a mixture of commercial spaces in Washington, New York, Colorado, Atlanta, Paris and Dubai. Custom installations and multiple private commissions have been created by Maggie for real estate developers and tech companies such as Twitter and Microsoft.
As a fine artist, Maggie is best known for her iconic pop impressionistic paintings of Washington, D.C. landmarks and both the famous and familiar individuals who inspire and make history.  In 2012, Maggie was honored to personally present a portrait of Barack Obama to then President Obama. Later in 2014, The New York Times  featured her “DC Uncle Sam” on the front page of the July 4th edition.  Maggie has been the featured speaker for Creative Mornings DC, a two-time winner of the design category for DC Inno’s “50 on Fire,” named a “Woman of Influence” by Capitol File magazine, and her art has been featured on the cover of  several publications including the DC Magazine’s inaugural issue as well as the Washington Post’s Style section, April 2018.
In 2018 Maggie’s art was celebrated as she was selected to be the female artist from DC to be the Official Artist of the National Cherry Blossom Festival. Maggie’s portfolio also includes public art installations. Her most recent collaborative work is the “The Women Who Will," a 50’ x 50' mural located at 1919 Pennsylvania Ave and commissioned by Tishman Speyer and Lyft.
Maggie is a community leader, who believes in service and is focused on giving back and paying it forward. Proceeds from her artwork have benefited multiple charitable endeavors such as: N Street Village, Tribute 21, Autism Speaks, Habitat for Humanity, DC Central Kitchen, Safe Shores, and Project Soar. She is the founder of SUPERFIERCE, an art exhibit that highlights female artists, benefits local charities and mentors aspiring artists.
Maggie’s signature art has inspired so many, whether they own a painting or a print or simply visit her studio.  Hundreds of others are dazzled and moved by the uniquely colorful spaces crafted for dining and work throughout the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. Maggie O’Neill’s art and design represent creative and colorful innovation at its best.
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