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Few people know what it’s like to be locked in a prison of fear their entire life. For over 30 years fear drove Patrick Sweeney’s choices and actions, and he missed out on countless amazing opportunities that life presented him. After contracting a rare form of leukemia he looked the angel of death in the eyes and just as he thought he was going to die, his life began all over. He found courage as a super-power. Curiosity led him to discover the neuroscience behind his life changing transformation; so he interviewed three dozen of the World’s top neuroscientists. Those sessions instilled a new mission in Patrick: share what he learned and help others transform their life from fear-based to confident and courageous. Fear is Fuel breaks down what he learned for you, Patrick wants to teach you courage, confidence and peak performance.
Patrick Sweeney has been dubbed the “Fear Guru” for his work with more than 500 global CEOs, actors, professional athletes, Navy SEALs and corporations. He has been a guest lecturer at Harvard Business School and the University of Virginia, and each year he teaches thousands of people the tools to live the biggest, most fulfilling life possible. A successful entrepreneur who has founded four technology companies, holds seven patents, produced award-winning adventure documentary films and is an angel investor in over 30 start-ups, Patrick is also an elite athlete who placed second in the Olympic Trials in rowing and is the only person to ever summit Mt Elbrus, Mt Kilimanjaro, and Everest Base Camp by bicycle. In 2018 won the Race Across America in a four-person team.
Patrick lives in Boston, Massachusetts and Chamonix, France with his wife, three children and two dogs.
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