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Announcing the Theme for TEDxPearlStreet 2020

Leading Change will be the theme of the inaugural TEDxPearlStreet event in Washington, DC.

What inspires us to change?

And how can we go about bringing new ideas into the world in a way that promotes engagement, connection, and action? We live in a world where change, transformation, metamorphosis - however one may choose to describe it - is all around us. And yet, change doesn't come easily for most. We naturally resist change for a variety of reasons, especially when it's imposed upon us.

But change doesn't need to be hard, it's all in how it's positioned.

Leading change is about awakening others to a world of new possibilities, it is about identifying new ways to overcome challenges and proposing solutions that inspire action. For our inaugural TEDxPearlStreet event, we are curious about what it takes to inspire others to action.

We are excited to announce the theme for our inaugural event is LEADING CHANGE.

In 2020, TEDxPearlStreet invites you to meet the dreamers and doers who are leading change by sparking new ideas and creating evolutionary and even revolutionary advancements in their fields. They are leading change by challenging us to think differently about ourselves and the world we live in, by developing new technologies, by helping us to better understand the past, and by opening our minds to new possibilities through their performances, art and design.

Together we’ll explore the bold and brilliant ideas that can help us uplift our communities, build bridges across sectors, and energize us to welcome new technologies and social norms with open minds as we begin our journey into the future.

We will be LEADING CHANGE in Washington DC in 2020.

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