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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered some of the most common questions about TEDxPearlStreet in our knowledge base at the link below.

TEDxPearlStreet Support Articles

Common Questions

  • What is the difference between TED and TEDx? Try here for help.

  • Event Registration: Have questions about Concessions, Groups, Refunds and Transfers? Try here first.

  • Become a volunteer: Want to join the team? Find out more here.

  • Suggest A Speaker: Want to speak at TEDxPearlStreet, or know of someone who would be great? Find out more and nominate someone here.

  • Technical Issues: Having problems with your account, password or email? We have solutions for you!

Please read through these to see if your question has been answered, and if not, use our Contact Form to get in touch.

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