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Vincent Mikolay


Vincent Mikolay is the Founder and CEO of Wide Open Ventures, a progressive real estate investment company focused on purpose-built projects that transform growing communities
He is a balanced humanitarian who has served as a leader of change in roles for non-profits, state governments and Fortune 100 companies as well as leading his on entrepreneurial endeavors in North America and abroad. Mikolay has long been driven by the desire to understand societies and culture around the world, the pursuit of equality and social justice and the growth and evolution of humanity for the benefit of all mankind.​
Previously, Vincent has worked for Nike Inc., The Walt Disney Company, Advent Entertainment and Ridemakerz, among others as well as the Office of Economic Development for the Governor of Utah. Mikolay holds a BA in Business from Bethany College, an M.Ed. in Leadership and Organizational Development from Xavier University and an MBA in Strategy and Entrepreneurial Studies from the University of Southern California.
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